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Sustainable development is possible only if the interests of the environment, the people and the economy are in balance. AustroCel Hallein pursues environmental, economic and social targets in a balanced relationship and this way works towards a successful future where the “green spirit” is lived at all levels.


We take our responsibility for the environment seriously. Wood, our most important raw material, needs an intact environment to grow. When purchasing wood, AustroCel Hallein pays attention to procure wood from sustainably and responsibly managed forests which dispose of the corresponding certifications (PEFC Trademark). Energy efficiency, waste avoidance and short transport distances are the key aspects for all our production steps. We comply with all limit values for wastewater, air and noise emissions and we work closely together with the regional authorities.


Our employees represent the basis of our success. AustroCel Hallein focuses on good professional training and further education and promotes the transfer of knowledge between the generations. It is important to us to promote women in technical professions and to train young people to become skilled workers. Apprentices make up approx. ten per cent of our employees, and they all represent key employees for the Company’s future. Occupational safety and health protection are top priorities at AustroCel Hallein. As one of the largest companies in the region, it is important for us to maintain a constructive dialogue with local residents, suppliers, environmental protection associations and representatives of the media and the politics.


Sustainable management is a lasting and viable basis for long-term success. AustroCel Hallein combines economic growth with both well-considered, forward-looking investments and provisions for future projects. In this way, we strengthen the site and prepare it for the future. Our strategy of pursuing ecological and economic goals has also the well-being of future generations in mind.

The AustroCel Sustainability Program

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